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For many companies, customised solutions are not required and our off-shelf valves and fittings provide a perfectly good answer to their technical requirements.

For these customers we carry a vast stockholding of valves and fittings of just about every type, all available directly from our StockZone. Our range has recently been extended to include an expanded selection of stainless steel valves, fittings, pipework and tubing.

Our StockZone team has exceptional knowledge and understanding and will advise you on the valve or fitting that best meets your needs. Whatever the job, we always have an answer.



Orseal’s Techseal valves, developed to take on low-cost imports from the Far East by combining premium quality with competitive prices, are now BS EN 331:2015 certified.

Orseal are the first company in the UK to gain certification to the new EN 331 standard. During the rigorous testing programme that led to this approval, conducted in the UK by BSI, the Techseal range was awarded the BSI Kitemark, recognised throughout the world as a mark of optimum quality. The end Techseal product, its components and its manufacturers have all been shown to meet the very highest BSI standards.

Fire tested to 650°C

The EN331:2015 testing was undertaken for commercial installations used predominantly for controlling gas systems operating both inside and outside buildings. The test regime included subjecting the valves to pressure testing after they had been exposed to temperatures of 650°C. That the valves withstood such severe conditions makes them the first choice for any industry where safety is of paramount importance.

Techseal valves are made in Europe using lean manufacturing techniques to deliver a combination of cost effectiveness and engineering excellence. The complete range is available in sizes 0.5” to 8” and is full bore, ensuring zero pressure drop. The valves can be supplied in both carbon and stainless steel to meet the demands of most environments.

The majority of build variations are available ex-stock. Please contact Orseal’s Sales and Technical Teams for more information.


Spares Support Programme

Through our unique logging system, which lets us access the complete history of all of our customers’ sales and products, we offer a total spares support programme. Every job and every technical specification is automatically recorded and can be available instantly – so if you need a replacement we can identify the job at a click and get a replacement to you right away.


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Sector experience includes:

  • Petrochemical
  • Gas distribution and storage
  • Oil and natural gas
  • Polymers
  • Marine
  • Food and drink
  • Paper and pulp
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic products
  • Chemical